Warning: Liquid Web is not what it used to be.

Liquid Web used to be truly famous for its heroic support team and it was truly heroic. I’ve never had such good support from a company in my life. However, as the years went by things started to change.

Continuing a trend that started before Covid, their support team has been replaced by unmotivated people who can’t seem to solve any problems. Before when you called you would get a bright and motivated person speaking clear English ready to help you at any time of day.

Nowadays you get somebody with broken English who is barely motivated and who tells you pretty much everything you’re trying to do is impossible.

If you ask for a supervisor they’re usually busy and they’ll get back to you later. Meanwhile your website is having serious issues and the conversation rolls on for days instead of getting solved in 5 minutes.

What makes it especially sad is how good their support used to be compared to how it is now. I would like to warn other business owners out there to stay away until they fix these issues.

I would like to find a similar place but with good phone support. Suggestions?

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